Things that matter a lot

Posted on March 11th, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s not only a matter of what the matter is.

It’s a matter of what is most important.

What matters? Do all things matter equally? We are not always able to see what matters. Art matters, and art is about something that matters. Art works by showing us what we hadn’t expected to see. Ghosts, for instance. Or chaos and revolt in our everyday lives. When art matters, we are genuinely surprised. It’s compact. Or it’s airy, like a vision when we’re blinded.This is what these five artists work with – and now you can see the result at Galleri Christoffer Egelund. The well-known and well-regulated has gone astray. When the artists show landscapes, cities, human beings or furniture, these do not look the way we’re used to. The smooth illusion of reality has vanished. The title refers to artists whose works make a contribution to the social debate and/or are surrealistic reflections of the surrounding world. Expect equal shares of chaos and artfulness with an edge.

Trine Boesen says:

“We have invited Dröscher, Kørner, Saunders and Wendt because between them they generate a good feeling of both rapture and challenge. They work with things that matter … things that matter a lot. The title is also a comment on the current time of crisis. Art is important, not just money. It’s food for the soul. The artists of the exhibition cover a wide range, so their point of departure, materials and methods, are manifold, and the contributions by the individual artists are mutually reinforcing.