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TUES. – FRI. 12 – 6 PM  /  SAT. 11 – 4 PM

Gallery KANT, Store Kongensgade 3, baghuset, 1264 Copenhagen are pleased to invite you to a new solo exhibition by Trine Boesen.

The exhibition title “Memory Foam” refers to Trine Boesen’s characteristic hybrid universe of recognisable objects and abstract fragments marked on paper or canvas. Throughout her career Boesen has been interested in time and the way in which experiences and reminiscences, everyday images and information affect us. Arrows and signs in different languages ​​with words and concepts refer to existential reflections thematically stretched between infinite emptiness and hope.

Memory Foam is also the name of the synthetic foam material, developed by NASA in 1966, meant to improve the safety of the astronauts on the journey into space. Trine Boesen´s preoccupation with time, space and the phenomenon of gravity is reflected in her compositions with clear references to the universe and to boundless space. Thus a frequently used image element in her visually complex works are universal “black holes”. Near and far, infinite and finite, abstract dimensions in a world of tangible items are put together in a utopian vision of the present, the future and the universe. Somewhat distant, but at the same time seemingly closer and closer.

Trine Boesen has worked extensively with installations, public commissions and painting in the expanded field. Over the past years she has created large site-specific installations and painting installations on the Danish museums Trapholt, Brandts and Nikolaj Kunsthal.

For her second solo exhibition in the gallery, she has concentrated on creating a new body of work on paper and canvas. Drawing has historically often been looked at as an outline/sketch for the final work. Yet in Trine Boesen´s early work she predominantly focused on drawing. When she moved from drawing to painting she transferred many of the formal features of drawing into her paintings as a deliberate attempt to challenge the medium and point in a new direction. This mutual exchange of methods can still be seen in her works, and in this exhibition the drawings may be experienced more painted than the paintings and the paintings more drawn.

About Trine Boesen
Trine Boesen was born in 1972 and lives and works in Copenhagen. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2002 and attended the Royal Academy of Arts in Aarhus from 1995 – 1997. Trine Boesen, has exhibited extensively including shows in New York, Basel, Napoli, Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin, Cologne, Newcastle, Stavanger. In Denmark Boesen has shown in ARKEN, Trapholt, KUNSTEN, AROS, Brandts and Nikolaj Kunsthal. She is represented in numerous foreign and Danish collections, including AROS, KUNSTEN, Trapholt, The Lundbeck Foundation, New Carlsberg Foundation, The Novo Nordic Collection, and Raymond Learsey & Melva Bucksbaum Collection (USA).

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