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                          Press release

Trine Boesen – Into dimension 

Trine Boesen is especially concerned with exploring the possibilities and limits of painting as well as what it does to our perception of time and space. In the exhibition Boesen presents her hybrid, non-hierarchical and free-flowing picture universe on paper, paintings, installation and animation in a staged universe. The boundaries are fluid and we are absorbed into her all-encompassing pictorial universe. 

Into Dimension is a site-specific exhibition in Rønnebæksholm’s exhibition space. With a gateway at the beginning of the exhibition, Boesen grasps the concept of ‘Threshold Situation’, which describes the transition from a stage or dimension into something new. The symbolic transition and entrance to the exhibition unfolds how Boesens works with a narrative and changes in the exhibition. Every threshold opens something new. ‘Threshold Situation’ is described in many religions through ritual acts or physical gates. Boesen has created a gateway to step through and dive into her hybrid and free-flowing pictorial universe. 

Trine Boesen takes inspiration from the sci-fi genre, which has always focused on the unknown and deals with both outer space, mankind and our relationship to unknown and advanced technologies. The installation Urværket is based on these perspectives. This audio-visual installation creates a cacophonic resonance space for both the alienating and recognizable. Rotating columns with unknown ornaments and symbols are spreading quotes from well-known pop songs that through times have related to the universe and mankind. Music is one of the creators of big communities in our time and associating to both the everyday and the galactic universe, Trine Boesen tries to create a community.  

“It has been very exciting to adapt the exhibition to Rønnebæksholm’s beautiful exhibition space. The symbolism in the gateway is reinforced by the fact that the rooms are in extension and Urværket’s central location brings together the entire exhibition”, says Trine Boesen.  

Trine Boesen has always been interested in exploring the possibilities of painting. In her early work, she focused predominantly on drawing. In the painting Boesen transfers some of the formal techniques from drawing and collage as a deliberate attempt to mix the media and point in a new direction. Boesen’s interest in space, perspective and infinity has led her to work with painting in the expanded field, and now also with animation. With the animation The Beautiful Dark, the viewer is taken on a journey into the infinite universe, where elements from Trine Boesen’s pictorial universe are slowly floating by. The work is scenographic so that the viewer may experience being surrounded by the universe.  

The exhibition has been developed in collaboration with Viborg Kunsthal, where it has been shown 7.12.2018-24.02.2019.  

Together with Viborg Kunsthal a catalog has been published with an article by writer and art critic Trine Ross.  

The exhibition at Rønnebæksholm is founded by: 
Statens Kunstfond, Ulla og Erik Hoff-Clausens Familiefond og Rønnebæksholm Venneforening  

The artist thanks for support for work production: 
Statens Kunstfond, Oticon Fonden, 15. Juni fonden, Beckett-fonden, Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond, Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond, Toyota Fonden, Knud Højgaard fond, Billedhuggeren, Professor Gottfred Eickhoff og hustru, Maleren Gerda Eickhoffs Fond

The animation The Beautiful Dark is made in collaboration with The Animation Workshop, Viborg.

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